What our customer say

" I was delighted and pleasantly surprised when I was able to reach your UK support staff member after 8 pm UK time who walked me through the necessary steps to get rid of a map unlock error message on the device where Garmin's own Product Support Specialist refused to help me out for idiotic reasons - You rock man!" Dr. B. - US

" Very easy process and quick service." S.G Zadeh

" Your service was great. Very prompt and efficient." Dave, Canada

" After purchasing your map, I was amazed with your fast response and after sales support. I wish you every success." Helen Johnson, Germany

" I am very happy with your service. There was an issue with the unlock code but the problem was fixed very promptly. The map price was fair, despite the fact that you seem to have a monopoly in Iran GPS maps. Glad to do business with you." Stewart

" I purchased Iran GPS Map from your site last year. I am very happy both with you service and your technical support. I found the map very very helpful and it really put me where I needed to be. I would recommend your site and services to all people I know, and wish you and all in your team all the best. Many Thanks again." Farad F, UK

" Thank you for your service and support." Mark, USA

" I will thank you for the great work that you did for me. I have had many positive experience with your GPS maps. So easy to find a destination and to navigate." Peter

" I was so excited to see Iran GPS map works on my Garmin. I have lots of great experience with it. It helps me to get from one address to another address easier than a taxi." John

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