Garmin GPS Topo Map of Iran

Garmin GPS Topo Map of Iran
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The new Topo Map of Iran for Garmin GPS devices.

This Topographic map of Iran for Garmin covers almost 100% of the country and it designed and produced based on STRM 30.
The Sub-level curves and main curve distance are 20 and 100 meters respectively.

It includes:
- Complete coverage (100%)
- Coverage of islands
- More than 20.000 POI
- 160.232 km of rivers
- Lakes and valleys
- High point of 17.281 (peak and summit)
- Name of 1143 Districts
- 172 Airport and more

Size of the map: 380 MB of compressed data.

For use with most Garmin devices.

- During check out for Delivery Method, please select either “Standard Delivery” or “Express Delivery” and provide your correct shipping address.
- After ordering, you will receive a SD/Micro Card containing the map installation file.

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